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5 Best Free WordPress Hosting For Bloggers 2018


It is not a new thing that many people want to blog but they don't have the financial capacity to purchase hosting and domain name. If you are in that categories, this blog post is for you.

This article is also for those who just need to host their portfolios online or those who need free web hosting for educational purposes. I have personally tried out about 7 free web hosting companies but only three (3) turned out to be satisfactory.

You are reading: Best Free WordPress hosting services for new bloggers and hobbyists who wants to try things out.

If you have enough money for now, you should click this link opt for the cheap BlueHost Hosting Plan as recommended by WordPress.org.

Please note that these companies are not just free, they offer premium plans too......

Those (3) free web hosting companies are:

I will soon write about how to get a free web hosting [WordPress Hosting] on 000Webhost. Please note that it (Free Hosting) is mainly suitable for educational purposes or to show off your portfolios and to test how thing work. When the traffic starts coming, the bandwidth allocated freely for your blog will no longer be enough. You will then be required to start a premium plan. If you can manage to get your blog popular before then, its cool. They have fast servers. Good choice.

It is nevertheless a good choice if you plan to blog freely on the WordPress platform. A domain name is equally important and that is why you are here right? Read On.

NOTE: You can skip to CONTENT OUTLINE to read about getting a cheap domain name.

2.  ByetHost

Byethost is cool too. They have very fast server. You wouldn't even notice you are on a free plan. Premiums are always much better mind you!.. I recently hosted a myBB forum on Byethost and it was so easy to set up.

You should try byethost for your free web hosting.

Awardspace is a popular free web hosting platform. They offer premiums plans and like I mentioned earlier, premium plans are always better. Free plans are cool too depending on what you are trying to achieve and the level of traffic or the number of daily visitors your site attract.

Awardspace is as good as those mentioned above. I think they don't serve ads on freely hosted websites which is a very cool stuff. That makes them a very good choice for free web hosting. I have tried them too.

You will still have to or be required to upgrade your plan to Premium when the "Sea starts overflowing".

4. WPNode

I wrote this post with just three free WordPress hosting in mind. I just discovered WPnode and it is great. WPNode offers free wordpress hosting with no ADS and you can get your site up and running in no time. There are no extra fees. Great security and advanced server. They have good customer support too. However, at the time of writing this article, they are temporarily not receiving new applications because of some issues but they will be back soon. Do well to keep an eye on them.

5. CloudAccess

In my opinion, CloudAccess is as good as those free wordpress hosting providers outlined above but they are more limited. They can remove your site anytime for some security reasons without giving you adequate notice. The free webhosting plan is limited to subdomains. In addition to these disadvantages, you must login to CPanel at least once a month. What if you forget to do that? They reserve the right to remove your website from their server. There paid plan starts from $5 dollars per month or so. they are still a good choice for free wordpress hosting.

On a final note, free web hosting is very nice for new bloggers who are just starting off. Free webhosting is also very cool for showing off your portfolios, educational purposes. Consider them for a website with low traffic. Cool stuff.

Always remember that these companies offer premium plans which are way better than free hosting.

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