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Google Earth Is Almost Available For Firefox, More Browsers In The Works


Google Earth On Firefox Browser Futurebrains

Google Earth became available for the Google Chrome browser earlier this year to eradicate the need to install its application. The developers of Google Earth are however working hard to change this situation; they want to make Google earth available on other browsers apart from Google Chrome.
As revealed by a tweet on the Official Google Earth Twitter Page, the developers are making good progress to bring the web application to the Firefox browser.

As seen on Medium.com

It has always been our intention to bring Earth to as many people as possible on as many browsers as possible. Parallel to our efforts in building the first iteration of Earth on web, Google and the Chrome team have been active participants in the W3C process for WebAssembly. WebAssembly is really the first W3C based open standard for running native code in the browser, and they recently standardized their support for threading. WebAssembly also has the advantage of being supported by the four major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).
Almost Ready For The Firefox Browser

The Earth Team has been working hard to port Earth on Web to WebAssembly from NativeClient since the launch in April. The ultimate  goal of the team is to get Earth available on other browsers and not just Google Chrome.

Video published by the team showing Earth running in WebAssembly on Chrome, Firefox and Chromium with other browsers in the works.

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