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Researchers Explain Why Smartphone Batteries Explode


In recent times, we have all heard of cases of smartphone explosions. The explosions were blamed on the faulty batteries being exposed to some negative atmospheric conditions. Scientists have attributed the increasing rate of smartphone battery explosions to the growth of 'dendtrites'.

Dendrites are microscopic crystalline structures that form due to chemical reactions that occur when an excess electric charge passes through a lithium-ion battery.

A new team of researchers has used a method referred to as cryo-electron microscopy to examine what occurs inner batteries at some stage in this technique.

The research team, which presented its findings in a paper titled, “Atomic structure of touchy battery materials and interfaces found out with the aid of cryo–electron microscopy” published Friday in the science magazine, offered the first atomic-scale observations of dendrites.

The studies suggests how dendrites can wreck through the boundaries in extraordinary segments of a battery, which in the end result in a quick circuit. The studies suggests that dendrites are in reality six-sided crystals and not the irregular shaped crystals as formerly determined the usage of electron microscopes.
Researchers iced up excessive-density batteries at specific points in their discharge cycles and eliminated diverse additives to peer the impact. Using a high-intensity microscope, they have been capable of take a look at how the battery spoke back at an atomic level.

This research is nice and may lead to the development of safer smartphone batteries in the future. We must need to understand how Dendrites are formed in order to prevent their formation in smartphone batteries.
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