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You Can No Longer Change Domains To Search Different Countries On Google

We have long been able to search for localized things on Google. For example, google.com for United States, google.co.uk for England, google.com.ng for Nigeria, google.co.jp for Japan etc. This will no longer be the case after today. According to Google,  the company is making the change because one out of five searches “is related to location,” and the company feels it’s critical to offer local information to provide the best results.
Google announced that the search engine will now deliver to you the most relevant search result regardless of the domain variations. The search engine will automatically tag your current location so you won't have to worry about getting relevant local results.
For instance, If you are in the United States and you visit google.co.jp (Google's Japan domain), you will get results relevant to United States.

You can also set search results on Google.

How to set your preferred location for search results on Google

I can bet you have never noticed this feature. Scroll down to the bottom of the search engine results page and look for "Use Precise Location". There you go!.
Apart from the above, there are other settings to play with to get the most out of the search engine, on the top panel (the place where you see "all", "web", "images"  etc ), you will notice the settings button. The features are yours to play with.
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