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Apple Releases Video Teaching Users How To Use The New iPhone X

Apple released the original iPhone way back in 2007 with introduction videos teaching people how to use and familiarize themselves with the touchscreen phone. However, Apple hasn't felt the need for introduction videos since then, well until today.

We can attribute the introduction video for the iPhone X released today by Apple to the removal of the home button and the  recently added feature, Face ID. These big changes obviously warrant some tutorial of some sort.

Today, Apple released a video for the new flagship iPhone X title "Guided Tour". The video is about 4 and a half minutes long. The video by Apple teach users how the new gestures to get the most of the device and how to use and set up the FACE ID. Gestures such as swipe up to go home, swiping up and holding to access the app switcher, etc. You can watch the video below.

Even if you are already familiar with the iPhone X, I bet you can still find the video useful.

IF VIDEOS ARE NOT YOUR THING [Access the documentation below]

If you don't like videos but you prefer documentations instead, you can access each documentation by clicking on the relevant links

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