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Don't Download This Fake Whatsapp On Google Play Store

The messaging application, WhatsApp is so popular that even the fake version gets above 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store. The instant messaging app is also free.

According to Mashable, the suspicious application, fake WhatsApp was noticed on the Google Play Store by a Reddit user named E_x_Lnc. The fake application was presented under the title "Update WhatsApp Messenger".

The fake WhatsApp contains Ads and it was originally listed as a paid application.

@virqdroid on Twitter had this to say:

The developer name under the fake WhatsApp was made, according to Redditors,  using special Unicode character called a "space". An average user can't check this while downloading the application. What is surprising is that the app also fooled Google Play.

This was noticed by a Redditor who decompiled the application.

The fake application was made basically to spam users and to present ads. The application also tries to hide itself by using blank icons and no title. It tries to make itself undetectable to delete.

Perhaps someone at Google Play Store has noticed the apparent scam. The developer name has been changed from "Whasapp Inc" to "Live Update Apps".

It would appear that there are many of such applications on the Google Play Store.

Always take your time to scrutinize the application you want to download.

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