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How do you know you are arguing with a Twitter bot?

You can check if a twitter 'user' is a 'bot' using this great and innovative machine learning tool.

'Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate a twitter handle operated by a bot or human.

You can read more about propaganda bots over here.

As found on the botcheck website; "There are third-party applications that help you get set up with a bot yourself, and Twitter’s API allows for automated posts. For the most part, the bots are harmless and publicly reveal themselves as bots. However there are political propaganda bots and they are quite different from normal bots. Political bots don't reveal themselves as bots and their tweets can be politically polarizing."

These kind of bots usually retweet contents instead of actually creating their own posts. The web application uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect such 'bot manned' accounts.

One of the indication of a political bot is that they tend to gather large base of followers in a very short period of time, much faster than normal.

If you want to understand how it works, ensure you read up through the links posted above.


If you use Google chrome, there is an extension for the browser provided by botcheck.

You can find the botcheck Google Chrome Extension Here
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