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Keyboards are now in VR Courtesy of Logitech and HTC Vive

Keyboards are now in VR Courtesy of Logitech and HTC Vive

Logitech and HTC Vive bring keyboards into virtual reality. The HTC Vive team together with Logitech introduced the BRIDGE developers kit, an SDK aimed at assisting developers in solving the problem of text entry in virtual reality.

The kit according to Vive, consists of  "a Logitech G gaming keyboard, an accessory that positions a Vive Tracker correctly on the keyboard, and the associated software (valued at MSRP U.S. $150). Logitech will be seeding 50 of these kits to select developers with the goal of partnering to create compelling new experiences centered around a VR keyboard".

The BRIDGE kit is valued at $150. The tracker matches what you type, and also measure your hand movement thereby making it easier to situate yourself. The kit brings the keyboard into your digital workspace.

The BRIDGE Kit give users the opportunity to customize their keyboards in virtual reality. With this you can remap the keyboard functions based on context.

If you are interested in participating in the developer program and you live in the United States, you can apply through here. Note that application will close on the 16th of this month.

Please be aware that this is a BETA version of this SDK so it is possible to experience bugs and other possible errors.

"I invite you to submit an application for your project and how a system like the one we are offering would enhance your application or the user experience. I am excited to see where this journey will go!"
Vincent Tucker
Director of Innovations and Strategy at Logitech.
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