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Snapchat Outage Causes Tension on Twitter

Snapchat was out yesterday (Monday) for some hours and this prompted complaints on Twitter.

Snapchat users took to Twitter to complain about connection issues. Users were not able to login or use the application. Snapchat is set to post its third quarterly earnings as a public company a day after (Tuesday) that is today.

'The company went public in May.
@Snapchatsupport on Twitter wrote, "Some Snapchatters are having trouble with the app 😓 We're looking into it!"

Snopes.com wrote an article on their website titled:

"FACE CHECK: Is Snapchat Shutting Down By The End Of 2017?".....

Snapchat official page would have none of this and replied: "Fake news, we are not shutting down".
Check the tweet below!

The Snapchat official page on Twitter confirmed the fact that the company faced some technical issues in October.
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