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TESTS: Apple's iPhone X Glass Cracked On Just One Drop

Credit goes to CNET


If you have the iPhone X, you sure don't want to drop it or better still, get yourself a beautiful iPhone X case. I will write about that.

Test conducted recently by a CNET official revealed that the iPhone X can get cracked if dropped within just 3 feet.

Drops from eye level, that is around 6 feet, revealed that the iPhone X can get damaged and shattered. There are many slow motion videos of such tests on YouTube. You will find a good video below this post. When dropped from the eye level (6 feet), the flagship phone's glass got shattered and the camera was a little bit affected.

According to the drop tests conducted on the phone by TechRax, the front and back glass got cracked but the phone itself remained functional. The phone didn't die off.

The new flagship phone by Apple, iPhone X is beautiful, no doubt about that. The smartphone features an all-glass front and back. That is cool though but the phone is very susceptible to braking or cracking or whatever.

According to JerryRigEverything , the scratch and burn tester, the new phone survived most of their "hard or dangerous tests". However, "glass is glass and very susceptible to damage".

The tests reveal that the glass on IPhone X can crack if dropped, this necessitates the use of a case. You will do yourself a lot of favor by buying the case. If you think about the fact that it will cost you nothing less than $549 to get the glass replaced, this will make sense.

@JonAccuf on Twitter has something to say about the situation
@BOWoktane on Twitter

If you crack the iPhone X screen, it will cost you more than half of the phone's original price to get it replaced. Hmm.


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