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Top 6:Best Indoor Security Cameras For Your Home

Flir Security Camera In Action


I've decided to write about the best and affordable indoor security cameras for your home. These cameras are very good for security purposes and they are not so expensive. Note that there are other cameras out there but this write-up only consider the less expensive ones that will serve the purpose intended. These are no too expensive cameras with positive reviews.

1. Ezviz Mini 360 Plus security camera

This camera costs less than $80. It is a very smart security camera. It also have a lot of positive reviews from customers. It features:

-Full Room Coverage.
-360° HD Video
-Supports resolution up to 1080p
-Two-way Talk
-Smart Home Ready.

2. Homeboy Security Camera

This camera looks very cool and it has some positive reviews. It costs about $149 on Amazon. The Homeboy security camera has the following features:

-Wire-free and easy installation.
-It can record audio and video
-It has Night Lighting Feature.
-Free iOS and Android App
-It can alert you on motion and audio.
-Can send alert to social media platforms through the Homeboy App on your phone.

3. D-Link's Komfy

This beautiful and smart security camera costs $90.16 on Amazon. Komfy is an in-wall light controller with an in-built security camera. Useful for capturing activities in rooms and hallways.

4. Canary's Flex Security Camera

Flex costs $159.99 on Amazon. The beautiful camera is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Flex security camera features:
Rechargeable battery that can last up to two (2) months.
You can keep it plugged in.
Can use optional accessories.

5. Flir FX Security Camera

The Flir FX is one of the best security cameras around. You can get it for $149.95 on Amazon. However, customers have reported cases of glitch app and slow to load video recordings.

6. Foscam's Security Camera

This security camera costs around $180 on Amazon. The pros:
-360° Panning
-120° tilt
-3x Optical Zoom
The problem with this security camera is that it is mainly for PC users. It is in need of mobile update.

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